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Welcome to Heineken Country

We think of our world today as being more divided than ever. And yet, we all speak the common tongue of cheers.

Across boundaries big and small. Across continents and cultures. Heineken is answering the challenge to bring the world together as one HeineKIN in Heineken Country. 

No matter how different we think we are, we are all united under the same star.

Heineken Web Assets P4 Critique (1).png
Heineken Web Assets P4 Critique (1).png
Heineken Web Assets P4 Critique (1).png

Because no matter
where you are,

You're in Heineken Country.


This is how we answer the call for connectedness.

Despite our differences, whether they be our team allegiances, the language we speak, or the money we spend, there is one thing we all have in common. Passion. 

Where might we find the greatest sense of passion? On the pitch. Anthems ring true, we bleed and cry together. The field is no-man’s land until the final whistle is blown. 

Plus, soccer fans already love Heineken.

Or so they think.

The pitch is ours for the taking, territory Heineken claims with the unfurling of our flag, the glassy orchestral performance of our song. 

So take a seat, and raise a glass...

For the Heineken International Anthem.

Or, shed your stripes and become an ambassador of thirst at...

The Embassy

We can’t break down borders, but we can build a place of communion. Here at the embassy, *clink* is the common tongue, cheers sounds the same in every language. 

World cup ticket holders receive a postcard (via their point of purchase) inviting them to be an ambassador at the Heineken embassy upon their arrival. 

Join your fellow
ambassadors in exploring
the rest of Heineken

After the launch of Heineken Country at
the World Cup, visitors leaving the major
cities where matches are held will
encounter these signs.


Amass your wealth in Heinekoin and redeem them at Heineken Embassies in bars all around the world for unique merchandise. Wear the banner of your countrymen on your sleeves, or your beer.

Scan in the unique QR code on the inside of each bottle cap, and keep track of this new universal world-wide currency here.


Your Heinekoin Count:

Don't have enough to redeem? Share your Heinekoins with
a friend and share in the spoils! 

Share Your Heinekoins

The rewards program that keeps giving,
no matter the international exchange rate.


It could not be more simple.

Heinekoin is not like other currency. No matter if you're in London, Sao Paulo, or Taipei, your Heinekoin is worth the same.

KIOSK new new.png

Trade in your Heinekoin at Embassy vending machines at bars around the world.

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